Alliance of Women in Tech Leadership

Our Approach


The Alliance of Women in Tech Leadership is a new community of Triangle executives committed to the advancement, and growth, of women in technology.

Our Story

Our Story

We strive to change the culture of the typical technology workplace from the inside-out. By providing women with a community of peers to lean on, learn from and leverage.

The driving force

Founder Tricia Lucas believes that leaders need a community of like-minded peers to effectively advance professionally.

She saw the power of connecting her network to each other and the Alliance was born. It quickly grew through membership referral and through powerful, authentic programming.

Tricia Lucas Alliance Founder

Tricia Lucas

Alliance of Women in Tech Leadership Founder &
CEO of Lucas Select

How we work

We support one another during trials and transitions, through reassurance, experience and resources.

We celebrate our wins, promotions, successes and our victories.

We crowdsource solutions to shared problems and combine resources to be more impactful.

We share our most valuable resources--our time, wisdom and our networks.

What we Believe

  • We believe in candor and confidentiality, creativity and concision, confidence and circumspection
  • We believe in winning with integrity, through inspiring leadership
  • We believe our time is too valuable to spend it whining (or listening to whining)
  • We believe in scanning the horizon for problems we can spot and sooner solve
  • We believe in sharing what we've learned and what we're learning, early and often for the productivity of our peers
  • We believe in taking risks and grasping opportunities that challenge the limits of our capabilities and encouraging others to do the same
  • We believe this forum serves a unique need unmet by other platforms and we're committed to making it productive, healthy and unique (just like its members)